Healthy Cholesterol
“About 6 weeks ago I had high cholesterol when I had it checked during an insurance medical. The reading was over 9. I immediately booked an appointment to see Caroline Mc Donagh. She put me on a low G.I. diet with particular emphasis on bringing down my cholesterol. I stuck pretty well to her diet instructions and 3 weeks later to the day I had it checked again. The reading was now at 4.6 Naturally I am delighted to have consulted with Caroline and got the result I did. I would definitely recommend a consultation with Caroline whatever your dietary goal might be.”
– Stephan.

Marathon Diet
“In training for my first ultra marathon – 50 mile – I visited Caroline for nutritional advice. I felt assured if I could get my diet working for me with the correct dosage of supplements, the race would take care of itself. This is given that I had very little prior marathon experience and was doing the minimum training required for the ultra marathon. We worked out the best diet for me for training and to sustain my energy to complete the race while working on body reserves. I finished the ultra marathon on good target time and felt more mentally energized at the end of the race than I did at the start. I recovered very quickly and was back out running again two days later. As such I would recommend a visit to Caroline for any type of sustained endurance activity.”
– Colman.

A real inspiration
“Caroline has been a real inspiration both for me personally and for my team. Her brilliance lies in her simplicity to share empowering information in ways that the audience grasps easily and effortlessly. Caroline is also a true living example of the message she shares which makes her very unique and special in the whole arena of personal and professional development. I highly recommend you tap into her energy and her message – I am certainly glad I did.”
– J.M.

Weight Loss
“I was gone past the point of no return, or so I thought, until I was introduced to the Dietician Caroline Mc Donagh. She helped me lose over 4 & 1/2 stone in only 4 months and I am still losing weight thanks to the diet.”
– Joe.

“Very knowledgeable, experienced and helpful. I highly recommend Caroline.”
– CW.

“She has a wealth of knowledge on Nutrition. She is extremely pleasant to deal with.”
– Helen.

The Holistic Approach
“One month ago I was feeling things weren’t quite perfect with my health as I had always been used to having fantastic health. My dentist sent me to an orthodontist for cleaning of my teeth. He was able to diagnose Candida from looking at my tongue. I made an appointment to see Caroline. She knew exactly the foods I should avoid and the foods to recommend which moved my body from being less acid to more alkaline. I have amazing energy on the diet, feel very balanced and have no cravings. I would say it is the best diet I have ever been on. I have returned to the orthodontist and he was amazed the Candida has cleared and asked me how I did it because he said medication doesn’t clear it. I know my health is right up and all the symptoms have completely gone. Something I have learned in life is the importance of using the “holistic approach” and it works”
– Nuala.